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800,000 BTU/HR - High Capacity, Indirect Fired Heater
  • Easy access to burner and electrical controls
  • Simple Conversion Between Natural Gas and Propane
  • Fork Lift and Pallet Jack Pockets
  • Single Point Lifting Hook
  • 3 Recirculation Options
  • 2 x 16" ducts (Optional 1 x 20")

  • Accepts both 1-phase and 3-phase electrical input as standard feature
  • Patented high-efficiency 304 stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Single switch control for convenient simple operation
  • VFD "Soft Start" control provides smooth startup with lower amp draw
  • Remote thermostat
  • Compact Design - Uses less space on job site and during off season storage
BTU Rating: 
800,000 BTU/hr
Heat Input 800,000BTU
Heater Effiiciency 86%
Approx. Fuel Consumption

Natural Gas

33 I/hr
36.9 lbs/hr
Fan Rating 20ga SS304
Air Flow 18ga SS304
Heat Rise 82"X29"X58.5"
7.5HP 208/230V1-Phase or 3-Phase
Max Amp  
 208/230 at -40°C Ø1 43.2/39.1 
 208/230 at -40°C 3Ø 27.7/25.1 
Thermostat Range 4 to 38 °C
Outlet Diameter 2 x 16" or 1 x 20"
Max Duct Length 100'
Flue Connection 10"
Dimensions 95" x 29" x 58"
Weight 1660 Lbs
Gas Connection 1" NPT
Gas Supply Pressure 1/2 to 5 PSI