Indirect Heater Features

Sure Flame indirect heaters are packed with features and technology aimed at creating the most efficient, advanced heaters available. All backed by our 60 year track record of producing amazing products.
Indirect Heaters

Industry Leading Performance and Efficiency

  • Utilizing our patented combustion technology, Sure Flame Indirect heaters are very efficient.
  • Our World Class combustion engineering team has custom designed each heater to extract the most heat possible from the combustion chamber.
  • Cross flow air exchange and carefully controlled “air turbulence” means more heat is extracted and ends up in the duct.
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Patented Heat Exchanger Technology

  • Our proprietary heat exchanger design allows for maximum heat extraction from the combustion chamber.
  • Patented technology creates a unique exchanger panel that has 30% more surface area than other designs. More surface area means more heat.
  • Sure Flame heat exchangers are now even more durable – featuring titanium in the exchanger panels to maximize lifespan.


Sure Flame Proprietary Burners

  • No “off the shelf” solution here. Our patented burners are a marvel of engineering – simple, reliable and efficient.
  • Based on the Venturi Effect, our unique burner design offers high quality, efficient combustion in a wide range of air excess.
  • Sure Flame’s burners are designed for quiet operation and feature no moving parts – making them very reliable.

Impressive Air Flow

  • Sure Flame Indirects feature powerful fans – allowing for long duct runs to get the heated air where you need it.
  • All our indirect feature powerful fan motors – up to 10 HP - allowing for impressive CFM and static pressure ratings.
  • Lower your operation costs with our recirculation feature – allowing for up to 100% of the heated air to be recycled back into the heater.

Big Performance – Small Footprint

Space is tight on jobsites and in your yard. Sure Flame Indirects feature tight designs packed with performance.
  • Sure Flame’s patented technology delivers smaller heaters with world-class performance.
  • Designed for the extreme demands of the rental industry, our indirects are easy to store and move.
  • All models feature convenient forklift pockets and lifting hooks.
  • Our compact design does not sacrifice on performance or efficiency. Sure Flame Indirects average efficiency is 84%

Safe, Tough, Reliable – Since 1964



All Sure Flame Heaters are CSA approved and designed with your safety in mind. Our heaters feature multiple safety controls to keep you and the job site safe. We test fire every heater we sell to ensure safe operation.


Engineered for the heavy demands of the equipment rental industry, Sure Flame heaters are built tough. Rugged steel frames, high quality powder coated shells and the best components available mean these heaters will last.


We have been building heaters for 57 years but still improving! New advances with titanium enriched welding as well as electronic temperature sensing have made our indirects more reliable than ever.

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