Sure Flame SE410

Enclosed Flame Ductable Direct Fired Heater


Product Description

  • 400,000 BTU Dual Fuel (Natural Gas/Propane)
  • Ductable up to 50 Feet with Flexible Duct
  • No Visible Flame (Concealed/Enclosed)
  • Direct Fired – Near 100% Efficiency
  • Advanced Safety Controls
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Enclosed (Concealed) Flame

  • This innovative design keeps the flame sealed inside the combustion chamber. There is no visible flame.
  • Extensive heat shielding on the inside of the SE410 allows the outer shell to stay cool to the touch.
  • Direct fired means the SE410 is nearly 100% efficient – saving you money on fuel.

Advanced Technology

  • The SE410 features sophisticated electronics including an onboard oxygen sensor that continually monitors combustion and makes adjustments as needed to ensure safe operation.
  • Real time diagnostics are easily accessed through the LCD screen and Keypad which are both rated for cold weather application.

Direct Fired and Ductable - The Cost Effective Solution to Many Heating Projects

  • At near 100% efficiency, The SE410 will use 20-30% less fuel than a comparable indirect
  • The SE410 is a great solution for many heating projects and delivers 100% of the heat produced right into the duct.
  • Direct fired heaters are less expensive to purchase, maintain and operate. Directs also have a longer average life cycle.

Safe to Operate

  • With built-in electronic safety controls, the CSA certified SE410 is designed with safety in mind.
  • The completely enclosed (concealed) flame and cool outer shell makes this heater safe on any job site.
  • When used as intended, the SE410 can be safely ducted into almost any space.*
  • The retractable handles make the SE410 easy and safe to move.
* Please refer to the product manual and local codes for directions on proper operation. Any temporary heater needs to be installed and maintained by a qualified gas fitter.

Unmatched Performance & Serviceability

  • The SE410 features Sure Flame’s advanced burner technology along with a powerful 4500 CFM rated fan
  • With almost 100% efficiency, the SE410 will deliver more heat in the duct than any similar sized indirect
  • Easy serviceability with the built in slide rails makes the SE410 a fleet favorite
  • All backed by knowledgeable technical support

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